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almost 4 years ago

Reminder for the upcoming healthcare hackathon + info

Hello all. We are officially less than a month away from the healthcare hackathon. We wanted to send you a gentle reminder of the event coming up July 19-21 with a some additional information: 

- This is an in-person hackathon. You must purchase a ticket through Eventbrite to attend the event. You can do so here. The event officially kicks off at 6:30pm Friday. Feel free to check in any time after 3:00pm.

- If you do not purchase a meal plan, you will be able to purchase individual meals throughout the weekend for $15. Want your food delivered? Download carGO. We'll have delivery and rideshare coupons for everyone that weekend.

- We may have to switch venues to accommodate capacity. Be on the lookout for another email 2 weeks before the hackathon.

- Obviously this is a healthcare hackathon, but the sub-theme will be announced Friday evening. No worries, it will still be very broad-based.

- Individuals will have the chance to pitch problems they know need solved, and then individuals will have a chance to pitch ideas. Teams will form around these. Teams must be 3-8 people.

- As hackathons go, all code must be written during the weekend. We are allowing attendees to bring code written 2 weeks prior to the hackathon, but it must be provided open source.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by emailing And lastly, help us spread the word. The more attendees that come will allow us to unlock additional cash awards. Everyone loves more cash.